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UL 142 Listed Bunded Tanks

Ace Cube Tank Features

  • 110% self bunded Steel Tank - For safety measures.
  • Easily Removable inner Tank - For Maintenance and cleaning.
  • Easily Removable Outer Lid - For quick Bund area viewing.
  • Primary Manway Access with gas struts - For quick Fuel Connections.
  • Secondary Hatch Plate - For special site requirements.
  • Pitched Outer Lid - For protection against material build up & allows for immediate rain regress.
  • Bi-Directional Forklift Pockets - For Easily Maneuverable operation.
  • Corner Stacking Brackets - Stackable 2 high full and 3 high empty.
  • Letter Box Openings - For Fuel hose access.
  • Hex Corner Design -Specially design Hex-corner design for added strength and durability.
  • Primary Tank Bracket -For mounting hand/Battery Operated pumps.
  • Lifting Points - For handling tank components for maintenance.
  • Bund Leak detector(optional) - For leak detection.

Ace Cube Tank Families are as Listed Below


Specially designed for rough handling at site with galvanized base frame in order to avoid paint
damage & corrosion which enhances long life of the tanks.


Specially designed to economize with only galvanized hatch plates & stacking corners with
painted base frame.


Specially designed, fully painted to economize the tank.


Specially designed for offshore conditions and marine applications.

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