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Ace Tank Technologies Fz LLC RAKIA,RAK

ACE Tank Technology FZC was  formed by way of a Joint Venture between EnviroBund UK and ACE Group was legally formed in 2014 at Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone at ACE Cranes & Engineering facility, a 50,000 m2 facility and specialize in the design and manufacture of transportable bunded fuel tanks. 
The Tanks Cube range 1, starts at 450L and goes up to 10,000L. Range 2, starts at 20,000L and goes up to 30,000L. Range 3, starts at 50,000L and goes up to 60,000L. Finally Range 4, starts at 70,000L and goes up to 100,000L
All our products are designed and manufactured in the U.A.E  to BS799 and comply with pollution prevention guidelines PPG2 & PPG26
The tanks in range 1, up to 3,000L (IBC) come highly certified with UN1202 and ADR approvals. They are also vibration tested  to meet 2013 requirements and are lifting when full certified.
They are designed to be easily adapted to feed multiple generators or used as dispensing tanks where offloading and dispensing equipment can be specified to suit your custom needs.
Further to this range we also design and build bespoke tanks up to 100,000L
All tanks come with a unique compliance plate that can be used to identify when the tank was manufactured (tank serial number), Capacity, Tare weight, Steel thickness.
 All tanks come with warning stickers that indicate:

  • Flammable liquid hazard
  • Environmentally hazardous substance
  • Orientation arrows indicating which way is up for stacking
  • Stacking capacity
  • Tank capacity

All tanks come with an “Instructions for use” label which is located under the large hatch lid and a “Made in the U.A.E” stamp

  • UN 1202 (United Nations) approved bunded Fuel Tanks
  • Vibration certification on 950L to 3000L
  • Lifting when full certified for 450L to 3000L range
  • Compliant with Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG2 & PPG26)
  • Built according to British Standards BS799
  • Welding certificates available upon request