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Rapid Rail Middle East FZC HFZA, Sharjah

Leaders in Height Safety Systems, Crane Rail & Crane Rail Lubrication
Rapid Rail, specialists in the design and supply of crane railsystems, bring together rail welding and installation along with specialist technical knowledge and skill to best value and outstanding service to our customers.

Rapid Rail was established in 1993 by founding members Paul Howard and Tony Sysum as a result of their combined
experience and knowledge within the rail industry. 
In the years leading up to the formation of the company, both Paul and Tony  involved in all aspects of rail engineering,
from installation and specialist welding through to design and supply. In 2010 the made their forray into a the middle east and teamed with ACE Group to form an alliance and float a company together in the UAE to handle work in MENA and Asia. Thus was born Rapid Rail Middle East - based out of Hamriya Free Zone, we cover the entire region

Rapid Rail GB Ltd the UK and Rapid Rail Middle East FZC, both companies intent on continuous improvement and quality! Our twin resources are able to offer full supply and installation of crane rails systems, height safety and crane wheel lubrication.

With a vast experience in all aspects of cranes, rail welding and our technical resource for design enables Rapid Rail to
offer a bespoke solution to industry.

Rapid Rail, specialists in the design and supply of crane rail systems, bring together rail welding and installation capability
along with specialist technical knowledge and skill to deliver best value and outstanding service to our customers.

A commitment to continuous improvement and investment has enabled the introduction of our crane wheel and rail lubrication device which delivers measurable reductions in the co-ef?cient of friction between the rail and the wheel.
The same process has led to the development of our passengeRR safety system. This high performance horizontal lifeline system has taken its place as the industry benchmark and is backed up with the peace of mind of our in house
technical facility and fully independent testing conforming to EN/795 standards.

Each rail installation is different thus working closely with suppliers provides Rapid Rail with an extremely ?exible product offering:

  • Various lengths to suit your application
  • Normal or high grade steels 
  • Mitre cut or machined to speci?c design and size
  • Curved rail (such as circular water tanks)
  • Drilled or un-drilled
  • Modi?ed to any design,within reason.

Fundamental to the installation of any crane track is the supply of materials. Selection of the most appropriate rail and ?xings are critical to ensure integrity and longevity of the track system. We source all of our products from quality approved suppliers in order to ensure Rapid Rail products are backed by full guarantees, ; thus offering the best and most cost effective solutions

Embedded Rail:
Embedded crane rail a proven technology that offers a revolutionary method of installing rail into concrete deck or similar applications.
Rapid Rail has extensive experience of this material and work very closely with the world leading manufacturer in the development of embedded rail systems. This important alliance means that we can offer this solution to our customers and
eradicate the many problems which are occasionally associated with ground rails.
Bene?ts of an Embedded Rail System

  • Rail fractures are reduced and corrugation almost eliminated due to horizontal and vertical force distribution
  • Maximum electrical insulation 
  • Reduction in rail wear 
  • Important engineering advantages

Crane Rails Installation & Maintenance, Consultancy & Advice
General information and design assistance through to comprehensive technical and commercial advice.

Planning & Design
From conception to completion. Full Support for both mechanical engineers and civil engineers.

Material Supply
Providing an independent material supply facility ensures the most appropriate and Cost effective solution for all concerned.

Installation Planned Maintenance
Critical to the successful and ef?cient operation of any crane system. Utilising our wealth of experience and employing our own skilled engineers ensures that precise installations are achieved every time.
Rapid Rail have over 50 years collective experience in the installation of crane rails. Operating on a world-wide basis has exposed us to most if not all eventualities. Close co-operation with customers and engineers has ensured a natural and
progressive development, which has made us the competent and professional company that we are today.

For more detailed information on our product range and services, visit our website or feel free to give us a call.